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Digital solutions to help
insurance industry

Discover our cloud-based platform designed to make

easy your longevity reinsurance operations.



A custom workflow guide you through each important steps. Actions are limited to file/parameters selection and click buttons. Easy, time saving and reduce risks!

Export custom reports and share it with your clients, your accounting software...


Once your data uploaded and standardized, calculate automatically everything you need to know in a few clicks & in a few minutes:

Floating leg, Fixed leg, Mortality assumptions, payments, cashflows...

All key steps and calculations can be analysed by looking at individual calculations for more transparency and auditability.

Mark computed a period


We take care of your data.

Import, analyze, cleanse, migrate, manage, share & enrich your data.

Facilitate exchanges and collaborate with all stakeholders. Grant them access. A permissions and roles console can restrict confidential or proprietary information to garantee data security and compliance.

Mark uploaded a file


Files library is available in all our solutions. You can store your data in a click, use and reuse it as you want, clean it, enrich it, share it...

Benefit from a perfect historic and auditability.

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