Dedomainia’s cloud-based administration, engagement, and analytics platform is a breakthrough suite of applications that offers full life cycle business functionality for longevity swap transactions. It marries core administration with a revolutionary digital experience. Its modular design enables flexible, agile deployment strategies. It employs an advanced, cloud-native architecture to deliver a solution with exceptional security, scalability, and resiliency.

Modular Architecture

Our systems employ a multi-layered cloud architecture, spanning across data-driven user experiences, business applications, business rules, domain-specific language and enterprise interoperability. Our technology is deployed on the Cloud and supported by multiple scalable and reliable Cloud services. Low Ops considerations are designed into each cloud service during development to ensure service resiliency, redundancy and 24×7 operations.

Cloud Computing

We constantly optimise our cloud delivery and operations. We offers a turn-key solution that leverages the resiliency, scalability, and security features of Digital Ocean to provide clients with a highly secure, high-performing, and highly available operating environment. It allows us to scale  components dynamically based on your needs.


We build on Enterprise-Class security where all data is encrypted, both at rest and on the wire. We use state of the art encryption for maximum privacy and protection. This is done for each type of files, from the database to the files generated by the platform. Keys are automatically rotated by the key management service based on configured policies.


We support contemporary deployment principles for building, testing, deploying, provisioning, monitoring, and integration. Using integration and deployment best practices, we provide flexible options to ensure that we deliver applications that are always up to date.