A transformative suite of complementary applications that offer full life cycle business fonctionality for longevity swap transactions.



In today’s world of increasing customer expectations, unlimited technology options and cost pressures, success requires unprecedented vision, superior agility, and flawless execution. Your organization must be one step ahead of your customers’ demands, your competitors’ offerings, and your industry’s efficiency benchmarks. This means continually developing and implementing new strategies, offerings, capabilities, and operating models.

With an effective leverage of cloud advantages, continuous innovation approach, and a fast delivery offer, LISA helps organisations stand up to this challenge and release their true potential. We deliver revolutionary capabilities and unique flexibility that enable agility and speed while reducing risks, simplifying operations, and containing costs.

Dedomainia’s cloud-based applications is a breakthrough suite of applications that offers full life cycle business functionality for longevity swap transactions. It combines core administration with a revolutionary digital experience. Its modular design enables flexible, agile deployment strategies. With an advanced, cloud-native architecture it delivers a solution with exceptional security, scalability, and resiliency.


Our system is a fully managed, “SaaS” type, zero-footprint solution. It offers 24/7 operations, extensive scalability, and high availability all backed by industry leading SLA’s.

'SaaS Simplicity


A powerful, cloud-native, service based architecture makes our system extremely flexible, resilient, agile and scalable. Its flexible capabilities can be used in any scheme and be deployed using various roadmap strategies.

Componentised Architecture


Our applications are underpinned by the vast power of cloud computing. This helps ensure that they are deployed faster and can be scaled up to support your business and delivers ongoing innovations and improvements.

The Power of Cloud Computing


Consistent investment in capabilities, technologies and functionalities network ensures that new features are regularly added. This gives your organization opportunities for continuous innovation and improvement.

Continuous innovation