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Longitude Exchange and Dedomainia announce collaboration to advance index-based longevity risk

Pleased to announce our cooperation with Dedomainia to advance the techniques and processes for monitoring, administering, and valuing index-based longevity risk hedges.

Cedric Fetiveau, Co-Founder of Dedomainia explained, “We have developed a unique language and workflow to simplify longevity operations to a couple of button clicks, while bringing connectivity between different systems like accounting and valuation. Now, with Longitude Exchange, we’re excited to see how our technology can assist in efficiently valuing and managing index-based longevity risk hedging transactions.”

Avery Michaelson, Co-Founder and CEO of Longitude Exchange added, “It is really impressive what Cedric and his team have built with Dedomainia. Their company has been a driving force to enhance efficiency in the indemnity longevity swap market to date, and now we’re pleased to leverage their ingenuity for advancing the index side of the market.”