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Longevity Swap transactions captured


Pensioners Records managed

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Longevity swaps

We have implemented the first ever web-based platform dedicated to the servicing of longevity swaps. Through a modular approach we deal with a variety of tasks.

Longevity Insurance Solution for Administration Lack of transparency, automation and consistency in the various on-site systems.

We simplify the flow of information and allow different users to perform several tasks even when they do not work on the same site or are part of different companies.

All participant to a transaction (Pension Scheme, Insurer and reinsurer) can access the platform using the same data and algorithm.

Its comprehensive approach deals with a variety of tasks that otherwise would require the use of multiple separate tools: Historic Fixed and floating legs calculations, Future cashflow projections…

Dedomainia digitalisation of longevity operations
Dedomainia digitalisation of longevity operations

Longevity Insurance Manipulations and Analysis Inconsistent longevity information formats.

We allow the users to centralize into one standalone solution all the work needed to export from the raw data a series of standardized reports that can be used to then set the mortality assumptions and project the cashflows.

The key value is to let the flexibility to the user to set its own mapping rule through a proprietary Longevity Insurance Rule Editor containing all the necessary functions and templates to map any type of longevity portfolio into a usable and standardized format

Dedomainia digitalisation of longevity operations
Dedomainia digitalisation of longevity operations
Dedomainia digitalisation of longevity operations

Longevity Assumptions Setting Solution for Insurers Assessing the mortality assumptions of any given population

This process can require numerous tries as need to be calibrated on sub population, each having their own bespoke characteristics.

We allow the user to create as many sensitivities/hypothesis as wanted and automatically compare/score them to help the user selecting the ones best matching the experience and the characteristics of the population.

It paves the way to innovative approaches (machine learning, ...) that will be automatically incorporated in the workflow and the analysis.

Dedomainia digitalisation of longevity operations


24/7 operations and high availability all backed by industry leading SLA’s.

Dedomainia digitalisation of longevity operations


Rapid deployment and high scalability to support your business growth

Dedomainia digitalisation of longevity operations


Our solutions are flexible to cover all the longevity risk transfer industry needs

Dedomainia digitalisation of longevity operations


Consistent investment in new developments ensures that new features are regularly added. 

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Planning is the foundation for long-term success. We help you define the scope, requirements, approach, project plan, and cost structure to ensure that our system delivers maximum value with a contained cost and timeline.


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