A cloud based administration,

engagement and analytics platform

for longevity swap transactions


LISA offers extensive capabilities for longevity swap deals administration and management. It is suitable for use by pension funds, insurers and reinsurers. LISA supports the full lifecycle of a longevity swap transaction. From regular settlement, adjustment and inflation escalation to trivial commutations and collateral exposure, LISA offers the administrative capabilities you need to transform your organization.

An innovative and unique model means that LISA is very flexible and can adapt to each transaction’s specific parameters. This makes the solution incredibly effective and easy to use. More importantly, it ensures that the solution is built on customer-first principles from the ground up.

Powerful & Transformative
Capabilities Include


  • Floating leg calculation

  • Fixed leg calculation

  • Adjustments

  • Benefit escalation

  • Collateral exposure

  • Reconcilation

  • Commutations