A cloud based platform specifically designed

to analyse, map and transform any

longevity insurance data


LIMA is a powerful solution specifically designed for for longevity buisness needs.

It transforms, analyses and exports the raw data into a series of standardized reports that can be used to establish mortality assumptions and run cashflow projections. It offers the scalability, repeatability and efficiency that you need to transform the longevity quote process in your organization.

Customer needs are at the core of LIMA, the platform allows the user to create bespoke mapping rules. LIMA’s proprietary Longevity Insurance Rule Editor already contains all the necessary functions and templates to map any type of longevity data into a useable and standardised format making the process efficient and user friendly.

LIMA doesn’t only maps and transform your data, it also checks its quality running hundreds of sanity checks and generating a series of custom statistic analysis.

Inflation Modelisation