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We solve complex data problems for the pensions and insurance industry using our expertise and technology to deliver optimum results

Facilitate Exchange and Reconciliation

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We analyze, cleanse, migrate, manage and enrich your data

Reconciliation / data protection

General Principles for Data Protection

Risks assessment of the business


Only digital/electronic information

All Communications are encrypted

All Data at rest are encrypted

Best Practices Standards

External Security Certification


Our Approach & Value

We understand your priorities and your objectives

We support your strategy while other companies might have a global approach for all products, we are specialized in longevity transactions and tried-and-tested approaches, so we can help on:

  • Quotation Process

  • In-Force Management

  • Valuation and Risk Assessment External

  • Reporting Obligations

We follow 4 principles

1. Efficiency

2. Auditability

3. Reliability

4. Scalability

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In 2020 we were awarded “Best Insurance Business Process Automation Specialists” by Acquisition International

The Value Added

dedomainia value added in digitalisation of longevity operations