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We are a UK "Longitech" company offering cloud-based solutions to facilitate longevity operations efficiency for insurers and reinsurers

Since 2016, Dedomainia has been developing digital solutions to help insurance companies, reinsurers and pension schemes with their longevity admin / reporting process on a variety of tasks saving hundreds of thousands in cost and improving the accuracy of the results


At Dedomainia, we

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Embrace Innovation

We seek solutions for the problems our clients are facing while anticipating what's coming next


Look for Solutions

We use our deep understanding of the longevity market  to find solutions to the pain points of our clients

Go Team

Invest in Relationship

We work together and with our partners in a 'yes, and' environment that allows us to nurture good ideas and create exceptional solutions


Our Team

Dedomainia team digitalisation of longevity operations
  • Working towards a place where each member of the team will be able to maximise their potential and work to their strengths.

  • Backend Python Developpers, Web Developpers, Designers, Product Owners, Project Managers, Data Analysts, we welcome diversity and know that each member of our team brings something unique.

  • Passion and expertise usually come hand to hand and we are so proud  to have such a talented team on-board

Meet the founders

Cédric Fétiveau
Dedomainia Cedric Fetiveau

Cedric worked for 15 years as a life actuary and gained extensive knowledge in the longevity risk transfer market. He has a passion for automating repetitive and tedious tasks. He has always built advanced VBA macro to render his day to day more efficient and fun. Having overseen the administration in relation with longevity swaps operations at three different large organisations, he concluded that a new approach was needed for the industry. In 2016, he co-founded Dedomainia and launched the build out of LISA, a cloud-based software for pension schemes and insurers to streamline their longevity operations.

Cedric’s vision is to standardise the longevity risk transfer market to unlock the adoption of new technologies and lowering the insurance cost paid by the pensioners.

Dedomainia Ludovic Fetiveau
Ludovic Fétiveau

Ludovic worked for 10 years as a Product Manager for the FIC E-commerce platform of an investment bank. He studied Artificial Intelligence in its early years and is generally passionate about new technologies and their business applications.

At Dedomainia He has implemented an agile and continuous improvement approach to maximise value to customers and ensure the organisation remains flexible in a moving, regulated, and complex market environment. In line with these principles, He has created an innovative longevity specific configuration process to accommodate the different client business requirements while limiting the need for new code development. This is a game changer for the industry and has rapidly been adopted by several large institutions.       


Some of our Clients


Our Partners

We work with great people to support our growth

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